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Dish Dentata ver I

This one I made to a tight deadline for a show in Dartford, Kent with What If... Gallery. It was a bit experimental and it ended up a bit heavy and there are things I wish I had done differently, but that is me trying to be a perfectionist too late. I am happy with how it turned out, as it was an idea I have had knocking about in the back of my head for a few years. In the process page you can see the original small pot I made as part of my research for the Hungry Dress and I have another series that I am working on currently, into which this feeds. It was bought in the first few days of the show, and although for confidentiality reasons I can't name the person, he/she is a well known politician and I hope they enjoy it.
24cmx24cm height 20cm, mixed media (plaster, clay, metal, paint etc) The paint is applied thinly and I left evidence of brush-marks so it does not look manufactured.