W/Room Statement

This body of work originally began through my exploration of Home; What is Home? (physical/temporal), why do we need it? what does it mean on a personal level?. From here I decided to draw on the parallels between private space/home and the womb, specifically the longing to RETURN to this uncomplicated state. There were of course other factors at play; my previous work on the design of public furniture around the comfort of the individual, the link between seeking the return of the womb and the perceived freedom of death and the coffin, and naturally my own female perspective.

The objects took the form of stand-alone environments, or wombs, which invited the audience to feel comforted, by allowing entrances/exits they become interactive, and thus the material used has a great part to play in the interpretation of the individual pieces. The relationship between a piece of sculpture and the body has always fascinated me, the results of this can be seen in the organic nature of the work and in some pieces being self-contained whereas others are almost fashion items in their dependence on the body, they can actually be worn (and thus explored) by both male and females.

The pieces are all hand sewn and each material has been chosen to balance certain ideas and related response, yet they are all open to interaction, to individual interpretation and to humour.